Skin Cancer Self Examination

Self-examination plays a critical role in skin cancer prevention. Knowing what your skin looks like including any freckles, spots, lumps and bumps will help you notice any changes.

Follow the ABCDE guide to know when you should immediately book to a Skin Check (link) with one of our experienced and trained medical practitioners.


If one half of your mole is different from the other half.


If the outer edge of your mole is uneven and somewhat random


If your mole has a variety of colours of shades of colour


If you have moles bigger than 6mm across (about the size of a pencil eraser)


If your mole is changing in size, shape, colour or texture

If you find moles with any of the ABCDE characteristics or if your mole is itchy, painful, bleeding, weeping or crusty, DON’T WAIT!

Book a Skin Check with Mole Patrol NOW!

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