Skin Biopsy, Perth

Skin Biopsy

If you have a suspicious mole, our medical practitioners can perform a biopsy to obtain a skin sample for histological diagnosis (examination of the cells under a high-powered microscope).

Most biopsies can be done during your skin check, but it does depend on the location and the size of the mole. If the situation is complex, we may arrange another appointment with you at a later date.

You need not fear a biopsy as we will absolutely keep you as comfortable as possible, so you feel no more than a slight sting, like when you get a vaccination.

Your biopsy is analysed by an accredited pathology lab to determine the type of skin cancer and the depth of the cancerous cells.

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What is a biopsy?
A small sample of your mole is taken through a tiny punch so that it can be sent off to the pathology lab for further testing. You will only need this if the doctor finds a mole which is highly suspicious.
When will I get my results back?
You will hear from our team in 7 to 10 days, regardless if the results returned normal or abnormal.
It’s been more than 10 days but I haven’t heard back from your clinic regarding my results.
Some biopsies take longer to process than others at the pathology clinic. Regardless, it doesn’t hurt to contact us to follow up as well, our friendly team is here to help!

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