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Did you know that two out of three people in Australia will be diagnosed with skin cancer in their lifetime?

It's a scary statistic.

At Mole Patrol, we've set out to do something about it. Mole Patrol formed in March 2018 with a primary goal to save lives by making skin cancer-related health care affordable and accessible for everyone.

Mole Patrol, Perth's first comprehensive skin cancer clinic

With accessibility and affordability in mind, we made a conscious decision to bulk bill many of our services - so you will have no out of pocket expenses.

You see, here at Mole Patrol, we believe that by offering bulk bill skin checks, biopsies and skin cancer excision, skin cancer health care will be more accessible and undertaken more frequently. Regular skin checks allow us to educate people on prevention and to increase early detection of skin cancer. Both of these measures will save lives.

Ninety-five percent of skin cancers can be treated successfully if found early.

The Mole Patrol founders have worked hard to bring together experienced and respected plastic surgeons, doctors and medical practitioners with significant experience in the skin cancer field. Just because the service is bulk billed, doesn't mean you will get less experienced doctors or inferior treatment. Mole Patrol has GPs with more than 20 years’ experience in skin cancer and supported by well-established Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons in Perth. You can rest assured that at Mole Patrol, you will be in good hands.

Mole Patrol's flagship Bibra Lake clinic can provide all the skin cancer and skin check services you need under one roof. Rather than going to a GP and being referred into the public health system, which could see you waiting for months, you can come to Mole Patrol to receive the services you need in the one clinic without joining a waitlist.

Our mission at Mole Patrol is to deliver accessible, convenient and affordable skin cancer treatment and checks to West Australians. And, to achieve our mission, our vision is to open skin cancer clinics across the Perth metropolitan area.

Why Choose
Mole Patrol?

Bulk Billed & Affordable

All skin checks, biopsies and skin cancer
treatments are bulk billed. Fees and Charges will apply for Skin Cancer excisions.

Qualified & Experienced

Experienced and respected plastic surgeons, doctors and medical practitioners with significant experience in the skin cancer field.

More Appointments

As a clinic dedicated only to skin cancer, we have a large team which means more appointments, significantly reducing waiting time.


Images of moles are captured and securely saved for future comparison so we can monitor any changes over time.

Skin Cancer Clinic

We can provide all the skin cancer and skin check services you need under one roof without you joining a waiting list.

Convenient Parking

Park right at the door. Accessible, convenient and affordable skin cancer treatment and checks for your whole family.

Say Hello to the
Mole Patrol Team

Dr Thomas Lee

Dr Lee has been a GP for more than 20 years and now also works as an Occupational Physician, he routinely goes to workplaces to run skin cancer clinics.

Dr Lee has a certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery from the University of Queensland. He is also accredited with the radiation council to do laser treatments.

Dr Kee Lee Tan

Dr Tan graduated from The University of Western Australia in 1992. He started practising Cosmetic Surgery in 1999 and became a fellow of Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery in 2002.

Dr Tan is actively involved in research and has published numerous papers in Cosmetic Medicine. He has also been lecturing internationally in Cosmetic Medicine since 2002. In 2011 Dr Tan pioneered ClearLift Laser, the latest technology in Skin Laser Rejuvenation.

Dr Tan enjoys teaching martial arts in his spare time.

Dr Wang Jet Yee

We are excited to have Dr Yee on our team as well, as he brings a wealth of experience along with him. When you meet him, you will surely fall in love with his calm voice and gentle nature!

Dr Hanh Nguyen

Dr Nguyen is our plastic and reconstructive surgeon who is known for his skills both locally and abroad. During surgery, our patients are put at ease through his warm and humorous nature. He loves staying healthy by playing golf and cooking well-balanced meals.

Dr Bryan Low

Dr Low is an Australian trained doctor who graduated from University of New South Wales. He finished his fellowship in general practice here in WA.

Dr Low has a diploma in dermoscopy and an advanced certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery. A large part of his training was spent in the wheatbelt where he treated many skin cancers at a weekly skin cancer clinic. He is also accredited with the radiation council to do laser treatments.

Cathleen Calubayan

Cathleen our registered nurse is professional in her care, yet warm and loving as well. Behind the scenes she is also a wife and mum to 2 adorable kids.

Tiffany Gale

Tiffany has worked as a registered nurse for the past 10 years. She loves her job and never fails to put a smile on patients’ faces! Being born and raised in the Philippines, she also enjoys singing and cooking for friends.

Darcie Milan

Darcie is very passionate about skin health and patient care – her warm smile and friendliness wins the hearts of patients! She is studying clinical ultrasound and hopes to specialise in obstetrics and women’s health. Darcie loves cooking, gardening, playing netball and drinking coffee.

Dawn Veloso

Dawn our new clinical assistant is the hallmark of efficiency and diligence. She is currently completing her Nursing license and is excited to start helping patients in a bigger capacity. Her beautiful smile is sure to light up your day!

Ingrid Biala

Ingrid is our lovely, petite, clinical assistant who has a kind heart and is always ready to help. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education from Saint Louis University and has had her research published internationally.

Dr Kim Hames

Dr Hames has been a doctor for over 20 years, and has split his time between general practice and hospital practice during that time. In the last few years he has also practised in skin cancer medicine. Look out for Dr Hames at our Cannington clinic!

Rosamon Palma

Rosamon has worked as a nurse in South Australia for 4 years before moving to New York, then WA! Rosamon is a great addition to our Mole Patrol team in Cannington, and she enjoys having a good laugh with her patients.

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