Follow-Up Care

Skin Cancer Follow-Up Care

Our multidisciplinary team will be able to provide continuity of care to maintain and manage your skin health.

After a skin cancer diagnosis and treatment, you will need follow-up care as the risk of developing future skin cancers is higher.

The Mole Patrol team of doctors and medical practitioners will continue to monitor your overall skin health, regularly check your skin for new cancers and manage other skin concerns. We also have a recall system to remind you when it is time for your next appointment with us.

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Must I return to your clinic for follow-up care post treatment?
Ideally yes, so that we can ensure you are recovering well. If your situation doesn’t allow you to, please let us know so we can advise you accordingly.
My wound is not looking good. What can I do?
Please give us a ring as soon as you can so that our nurse can speak to you and give the appropriate advice! Or if you are near our clinic, feel free to pop in during clinic hours.
How will I know when to book in for my next check/appointment?
Life is already as busy as it gets, so don’t stress! We have a recall system which will either send you a text message or email as a reminder!

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